Our relationship with Sanxing Medical Electric from China dates back to 2015. After we decided to start a strategic partnership with the company, the production of electric meters for Hungarian markets began in China. The distribution of SX100 single phase and SX501 single phase SMART electricity meters have been blooming since the first cargo in the fall of 2015.

500.000 mérőóra

Companies like E.ON, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ or DÉMÁSZ have been buying these products. Of course, we also need to provide them quality products, so continuous quality control is an important part of the cooperation with our Chinese partner. Shipments are checked randomly in China and we only take over the products without any problem. Fortunately, our domestic partners are satisfied with our service but that does not make us lazy because we are not willing to compromise in quality issues.

This year we have reached a milestone: The number of electricity meters delivered exceeded 500,000. By the end of the year we plan to reach 900,000 pieces. This means that there are more and more Hungarian households where our traditional and smart meters are spinned by the kilowatts.

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