ODD Consulting Ltd. is an old participant in the electricity market, but has so far been mainly involved in software development and operation in the industry.

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After the owner’s decision in 2014, using personal experience, the company turned to the electrical measuring technology.

When we were in China, we visited almost all the major manufacturers. We assessed the quality, the production capacities, the development opportunities and the experience of the meter manufacturers in relation to the European market.

There are many manufacturers in China where, of course, it is easy to meet simple shoddy equipments and it is difficult to filter products that are of real quality. During a nearly one-month factory visit, we managed to find a company where quality is taken seriously at European level, backed by an audit conducted by E.ON Germany’s quality assurance specialists, where Sanxing Medical Electric met a high score of the strict German requirements.

Sanxing Medical Electric is a member of the AUX Group, which also manufactures electricity meters, mobile phones, air conditioners and household utensils in addition to real estate development and health services. The company produces 25 million meters every year, sold in 50 countries worldwide. There is also production outside China, in Brazil and Indonesia. What was impressive at our first visit was that 400 development engineers were working to meet the needs of different markets.

The beginning

In the technical tests required for the first tender, we successfully met the specially modified local need for household meters. We signed the very first contract in August 2015 and started our sales activity with single-phase household and smart meters.

After finding the right manufacturer, we had to bring our company’s measuring technology to a high level. We succeeded in gaining the support of engineers who had worked in this field and are recognized experts in electrical measuring technology in Hungary. There are currently 5 electrical engineers and 2 logistics specialists working here, led by a seriously professional management.


It became obvious at that time that we were able to find a sufficiently serious, capital-intensive partner who was able to manufacture more meters to meet our needs.

Then production started. The first delivery took place in October 2015, up to present 720,760 meters have been delivered. We are planning to reach 900,000 by the end of the year. Quality control is ongoing, and shipments are checked by spot checks in China. In Hungary we deliver devices to all three providers, we hope they will continue to be fully satisfied.

Our dynamically developing business always strives for new challenges not only in Hungary but also in tenders in neighboring countries. According to our plans, we are expanding the number of our customers with regional projects, becoming one of the most dominant participants in the market with the aim of maintaining quality.

We quickly learned that we can stay competitive only with high-quality products. That is why we need to continually improve both in product manufacturing and in customer service.


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