with a :E.ON awarded its supplier partners

The energy company has recognized its supplier partners for outstanding service quality for the tenth time. This year, E.ON has awarded prizes in six categories to 12 domestic companies. The Group aims to recognize suppliers regularly and to draw attention to the fact that domestic companies provide innovative and successful services that meet international standards.

E.ON has a long-standing commitment to sustainable, secure energy supply, and E.ON needs to work with partners who also stand for quality, reliability, and innovation. This is why it launched the E.ON Supplier of the Year Award in 2009 for its partners who have demonstrated outstanding performance. Each year, the company presents the award to suppliers who consistently deliver to a high standard, meet the terms of their contracts, and make a special effort to work together more effectively. The complex supplier evaluation system and the personal perception of the applicants and suppliers were essential criteria in awarding the prizes.

“We aim to develop a high level of cooperation with our partners, where we take advantage of the opportunities to share knowledge and think together. Our partners have a wide range of expertise and often decades of experience – so it is important that we work together to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and to provide them with the highest level of service.” – said Edina Karácsonyi, Director of Procurement and Property Management at E.ON.

This year, one award winner and two companies were awarded certificates in the category of occupational safety and health, chosen from among the partner companies based on their performance and activity in the occupational safety and health field.


I. Material suppliers

Category: Network materials with a turnover above HUF 100 M 
Prize: Prysmian MKM Kft.

Certificate: ODD Consulting Kft.
Certificate: Ganz Mérőgyár Kft.

Category: Network materials with a turnover between HUF 10 and 100 M
Prize: Elster-Instromet Vertriebsges. m.b.

II. Service suppliers

Category: Electricity network partner 
Prize: TÓ-VILL BT.
Certificate: SZIGET-COM Zrt.

Category: Gas network partner 
Prize: TECHNO GÁZ Kft.
Certificate: Platina Bau Zrt.

Category: Substaion activities
Prize: ABB Kft.
Certificate: Sharan Kft.

Category: Metering activities
Prize: BO-VILLÁM Bt.
Certificate: Jano-Generál Kft.

III.   Safety prize

Category: E.ON Safety Partner of the Year 2018

Prize: BÉRES Erdészeti Szolgáltató Kft.
Certificate: Szatmárvill Kft.
Certificate: WATT-ETA Kft.

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