Mint minden évben, idén is lesz European Utility Week, mely a smart technológiával foglalkozó energetikai és informatikai vállalatok éves találkahelye. Ez egyúttal azt is jelenti, hogy nekünk is ott a helyünk a prémium kategóriás kiállításon.

This year, like every year, we will have the European Utility Week, which is the annual meeting point for energy and IT companies engaged in smart technology. It means that for a company like ODD Consulting it is a must to attend this premium category exhibition.

EUW – that is the European event of the Utility Week – is going to be held between October 3rd and 5th this year in Amsterdam (next year in Vienna), where public utilities, network operators, vendors, large energy consumers, consultants, startups and system integrators meet each other, build relationships and connect deals. Last year almost five hundred companies gathered at the premium exhibition in Barcelona – including some of our partners.

At the European Utility Week 12,000 future-focused managers, visioners and experts gather from the energy and related sectors – more than in any of the previous years. This also proves that smart technologies are becoming increasingly important in energy.

The exhibition presents innovations and technologies in 5 large halls that will become an integral part of consumers’ lives in a few years time.

For ODD Consulting, this is a unique opportunity to present its products and services as one of the leading companies in the Hungarian smart energy market and to build new trade relationships.