ODD Consulting was established in 2007.

The owners are exclusively Hungarian individuals. The company’s main activity is the wholesale of electricity meters. Our strategic partner is NINGBO SANXING ELECTRIC, a Chinese parent company of the AUX Chinese Group, which is one of China’s Top500 companies.

We gained a significant market share on the Hungarian market in 2015 by selling conventional and smart electricity meters. We hope that the quality and the competitive prices of products sold by us will ensure the future of our market position achieved so far.

From the start, the company’s profile is to satisfy the unique IT needs of the information technology in the electricity industry; as well as support electricity management, metering data collection and trading systems; development of new modules and functions; or supporting existing systems.

During our successful projects our colleagues have gained significant experience both in the realm of the electricity industry (Electricity System Operators, Power Providers and Dealers, Network Licensors, Power Plants) and in IT projects, both in the field of metering technology and Process and Change Management.


Distribution of conventional and smart electricity meter devices – in a smart, accurate and effective way

3D Laser Scanning

Airborne Laser Scanning surveys, 3D Modeling and OrthophotographyPrecise as never before 

IT Consultancy

Project Management; System Design and Integration; Process Planning and Change Management

IT Operations

IT Support for Electric Power Management; Measurement Data Acquisition and Trading Systems